Intro to Cleansing

A Juice cleanse is a great way to re-set and detoxify your body by infusing your system with an array of nutrient & antioxidant rich organic fruits and vegetables. At the end of your cleanse you will feel cleaner, refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the world!

Before you start

2-3 days prior to your cleanse you should start eliminating processed foods from your diet to help ease your body into the detoxifying process. Food and drinks to begin to eliminate are processed sugar, processed foods, caffeine, and greasy foods. Also start introducing more water into your daily intake if you aren’t already.



LLJC Classic Juice Cleanse

1 Day Cleanse


2 Day Cleanse


3 Day Cleanse


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Best Practices During Your Cleanse

-When you wake up, drink 8-16 oz of warm water with half of a lemon squeezed in. This will help wake up your digestive system, begins to alkalize your body, and helps to rehydrate you after your night of sleep.

-Your cleanse consists of 6 16oz bottles of organic pressed juices. You can drink them in any preferred order, or follow our recommendation of:
Classic – Green Lady, Beauty & the Beet, Energizer, Green Machine, NMM, Green Lady
Advanced – Green Lady, Beauty & Beet, Green Glow, Energizer, Green Machine, Green Lady

-We recommend drinking one bottle every 2 hours, with a cup of water in between. You should be drinking lots of water. It is preferred by many to drink half of your body weight in ounces. Can also be drank in the form of hot herbal tea if preferred.

-Avoid strenuous exercise and activity during your cleanse. Your body is resting and rejuvenating.

-Rest, rest, rest! Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep while cleansing, this gives your body time to reset.

-You may get hungry! Drink a large glass of water, or another juice. Listen to your body, if you are needing some food, reach for a clean choice that is easy to digest. Half of an avocado, plain baked sweet potato, handful of almonds if on the go as well!

-Use this time of cleansing to reflect. Find time for yourself while you reset your body, why not reset the mind and soul! Write down goals, focus on the good, take time to find prayer or meditation.

Juice Cleanse Disclaimer

We are not doctors. It is always recommended to consult with your trusted health care professional. Taking care of your own health and wellness. Pregnant women should not do a pure juice cleanse due to the low calorie intake and lack of protein – please ask your midwife or OB about proper nutrition. If you are on medications or in poor health, please consult with your health care professional about such options for you.